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Auto Shinez Mobile Detailing

"Auto Shinez we make every Detail count"

Top-Quality Mobile Auto & Boat Detailing Service. We have Serviced Lexington SC, Columbia SC, West Columbia SC, Chapin, Irmo, Cayce and Red Bank, South Carolina and the surrounding area for 7+ years, We are a Mobile Car Detailing Service

Call & ask about our Auto Detailing & Car Cleaning Packages. Ceramic Coating Prices as well. 3-5 year Clear coat Protection. Graphene Ceramic Coating prices Starting at $600

Lexington Mobile Detailing
Truck Waxing
Auto Shinez Mobile Detailing

At Auto Shinez, We are the Best Auto Detailing Service in West Columbia SC, we are essential for keeping your car looking its best. From exterior washes to interior detailing, our team of professionals will leave your car looking like new. Call us today to schedule an appointment and give your automobile the care it deserves. Check out our secondary website below!!

About our Mobile Auto Detailing Service & Car Cleaning  Services

Licenced & Experienced 

Ranking #1 with 5 Stars in West Columbia & Lexington SC The Best Auto Detailing Service &  Mobile Car Cleaning Service.  Specializing in Interior & Exterior Detailing Services with a wide range of vehicles including cars, boats, trucks, RVs, and SUVs, they cater to diverse customer needs & request. 

Interior Car Detailing
Mobile Car Detailing Services & Waxing

We are experienced in Mobile Auto Detailing & Car Cleaning Service in Lexington & Columbia, SC and more locations. At Auto Shinez , we are passionate about providing top-notch car detailing services. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering fast, efficient, and honest work. We strive to exceed our clients' expectations every time, and we keep the communication channels open throughout each project to ensure complete satisfaction.  7+ years of knowledge & experience.

We accept credit/debit cards, cash, or checks as method of payment 

•Clients may schedule vehicle drop off or vehicle pickup.

  • 20+ miles Travel Fees will apply

Detailing Services

- Full Interior Detailing

-Interior Deep Clean

 -Stain & Odor Removal

-Carpet & Seat Shampooing

-Leather Treatment
-Full Exterior Detailing 
-High speed Buffing
-3 Step Paint Corrections
-Waterspot Removal
-Clay Bar Treatments
-Scratch & Swirl Removal
-Headlight Restoration
-Trim Restoration
-Mold Removal
-Boat Detailing & Waxing 
-Boat Wash
-Fleet Vehicle Detailing 

- Wet Sanding

-Stain/Odor Removal

-3-5 year Ceramic Coat
-Now offering A/C Recharging


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Chemicals & Products are environment friendly

Best Mobile Car Detailing Services in Lexington & Columbia SC

At Auto Shinez Mobile Detailing, we take pride in providing exceptional car detailing services. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering the highest quality results to our valued customers. With our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction, we are the top choice for all your car detailing needs.

Headlight Restoration

With a wide range of Auto Detailing Packages & Car  Cleaning Services to fit any budget, and in your convenience we come to you! Work or Home. Columbia SC, Lexington SC, West Columbia SC, Chapin SC & the greater midlands area. We offer Luxury Car Detailing . We supply Power & Water. We handle each Auto Detail with attentive care. Upon detail being complete, the Customers inspection will verify complete satisfaction! We guarantee that! 

We offer mobile auto detailing services that cater to busy car owners. Our team of professionals will come to your location and provide a thorough cleaning and detailing service that will leave your car looking like new. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

  • Chemicals are Eco-Friendly

  • Customer Satisfaction 100%

  • Top-Quality Graphene Ceramic Coating 

  • Knowledge & Experience

Clear Coat Protection, detailing importance

Detailing Packages

Commercial Trucks/Vehicles


Prices starting at $150

Exterior foam cannon hand wash ,tires cleaned, rims shined, towel dry . Extra charges apply for Buffing stages. 

Interior disinfected, vinyl & plastics cleaned, Door jams, vacuuming, carpet shampooing extraction.

No refunds after vehicle inspected 

Mold & Odor Removal


Prices starting at Cars $150 SUVS& Trucks $200

Interior deep cleaned and disinfected. Ozone machine ran circulating through the cabin and inside of vehicle will kill any germs or bacteria left from the Mold . The infected area will be cleaned and treated followed by Ozone machine to insure mold enzymes and germs are killed .

Boat Washing & Detailing 


\Prices staring at $150

$15 per foot 

Exterior foam cannon hand wash, clay barring, towel dry, ceramic wax sealant 

interior vacuuming, extracting, vinyls & plastics cleaned & disinfected. Ask for pricing on buffing and Boat Waxing 

Interior Only Package 


Prices starting at Cars $150 SUVS/Trucks $200

Extra charges will apply for dog hair, mold, stains/odor & Conditions of Vehicle.

-Interior Only, Carpet & Seat Shampooing, Stain Extracting, under & between seats vacuumed, Steam Cleaning, plastics & vinyls cleaned, buttons, crevases, door jams, cup holders, floor mats, gas & brake pedals, plastics dressed with UV protectant.

No refunds after Payment is Processed

Simple Shinez Package


Prices starting at Cars $125 SUVS & Trucks $150

Exterior Foam Cannon Soap HandWash  towel dry, Ceramic Spray Wax Sealant, Interior Vacuumed , Plastics & Vinyls Cleaned & Dressed , Disinfected , Door Jams, Floor mats Cleaned 

Extra charges for Buffing & Waxing

Exterior only Package 

Prices Starting at Cars $150 SUVS & Trucks $200

3 step buffing, customers choice of wax, compound, polishing and a 3 step paint correction

​Exterior foam cannon wash, clay bar treatment, wheels cleaned , rims cleaned , rims polished , tires shined ,3 step buffing, customers choice of 2 yr wax and sealant , or ceramic spray wax sealant (1 yr protection)  headlight restoration and trim restored included

Super Shinez Package

Prices starting at $200 Cars & $250 for ​SUV & Trucks

Exterior foam cannon Hand wash, wheels & under body washed, rims cleaned & polished, 1 step paint correction, 1 year wax applied, tires shined & trim restored
Interior carpet shampooing & extraction, light stains removed, seat shampooing or leather treated & conditioned, vinyl & plastics disinfected & cleaned, door jams, buttons & between seats vacuumed, door pockets, cup holders & plastics dressed

Platinum Shinez Package

Prices starting at Cars $275 SUVs & Trucks $325


Exterior Foam Cannon Hand Wash, Clay Bar Treatment, Fender Wells, Tires Cleaned, Rims & Rim Hubs Cleaned & Polished (IRON REMOVAL), Spotless Rinse, Towel Dried, Tires Shined, Trim Restored, Head light Restoration, Gas Cap, Door & Trunk jams or Truck Bed Cleaned, 2 Stage Buffing, Scratch & Swirls Removed, 1 Year Wax Protection with Sealant .  Interior Plastic Disinfected & Dressed,Cup Holders, Door Pockets, Under Seats Vacuumed, Head liner Cleaned, Leather Treated & Conditioned, Carpet Shampooing & Extraction,  Stain/Odor Removal, Glass Cleaned, Protective Dressing on plastics & vinyls to prevent Damage from UV rays & weather.

Showroom Shinez Package


Prices starting at Cars $350 SUV & Trucks $400


Foam cannon wash, engine bay, claybar Treatment to remove contaminants from clear coat,dried , 2 stage buffing, polishing , 2 yr wax sealant, polish applied, trim restore, door jams , head light restoration, under body , wheels & rims cleaned , tires shined , rims polished exhaust top polished, interior vacuumed, plastics and vinyl cleaned , door jams cleaned , interior disinfected , leather conditioner, buttons cleaned , carpets shampooing, carpets extracted , steam cleaning, seats shampooed, seats extracted , all glass cleaned, spray shine, clean plastics! Dog hair and mold/odor removal included. 
No refunds after vehicle inspection

New Car Resale 

Prices starting at Cars $425 SUVs & Trucks $475

Engine Bay Wash & Dressed, Foam Cannon Hand-wash, Clay Bar Treatment, Water spots Removed, Oxidized paint  , 3 Step Paint Correction, 2 year wax , Polished, Wax Sealant, Tires cleaned, Rims cleaned & polished , Tires Shined, Trim restored, Head lights Restored & Coated, under body wash, Door jams.

Interior Carpet Shampooing & Stain Extraction, Between seats vacuumed , Plastics & vinyl cleaned, windows cleaned, Buttons & Door pockets cleaned , Cup Holders cleaned, Seat Shampooing, Seat extraction or leather treated & conditioned, trunk jams , interior dressed for Protection.

Our New Car package raises your vehicles value by 10-12% for a show room presentation for the highest resale value

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