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Ceramic Coating

3-5 year Graphene Ceramic & 7-10 year System X Ceramic Coating

Starting at $600 Graphene Ceramic 3-5 year
$900 System X Ceramic Coating


Is a ceramic coating worth it? Ceramic coating is worth every penny you invest. It provides superb protection against environmental harms and corrosion. It is a good practice to invest in ceramic coating services so that you can secure your vehicle paint integrity for a long time.

paint correction
Recreation Ceramic Coating
Summer Auto Detailing lexington county SC
ceramic coating Lexington county sc
3 step paint correction, auto detailing service

Ceramic Coat process

  1. Decontamination Car Wash. The first item on any automotive detailing project is washing the vehicle

  2. – Iron & Fallout Removal

  3.  – Clay Bar Treatment

  4. – Surface Prep Spray or Panel Wipe

  5. – 1-3 Step Paint Correction (Optional but Recommended)

Vehicle must be Washed, Clay barred to remove any Contaminates in clear coat, that brushes & mitts will not remove, followed by a 1-3 Step Paint Correction to remove oxidization & any left over blemishes in vehicles Clear Coat  

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